Small Group Training Time Table


6am – Sweat Session
7am – Strength Session
8am – Rehab Session
9:45am – Circuit
10:45am – Strength Session


6am – Circuit Session
8am – Strength Session
9:45am – Sweat Session
10:45am – Rehab Session


6am – Rehab Session
8am – Circuit Session
9:45am – Strength Session
10:45am – Sweat sesion


6am – Strength Session
7am – Sweat Session
8am – Strength Session
9:45am – Rehab Session
10:45am – Circuit session


7am – Sweat Session
8am – Strength Session
9am – Circuit Session

Pre Baby Body Package

We all know the benefits of exercise and fertility rates, so if youre a female looking to get pregnant in the near future this is the package for you.

Born Ready Package

The Born Ready Package is our gold standard package. We train ‘mums to be’ right up until week 38 of pregnancy. We then continue training 6 weeks after birth until you are feeling back to your best.

Post Natal Recovery Package

Get your pre baby body back the right way with the pregnancy specialists focusing on Pelvic Floor, Core Functioning and Functional training.

Choose What Works For You:

1:1 Premium Personalised Personal Training

Meet with your expert two, three or four times per week from week 1 to week 38 or anytime after 6 weeks post natal.

Small Group Personal Training

For a more affordable option, join our mall group training with a maximum of four people Pre or Post Natal and still receive a Personal service.

Copy of Full Nutritional Support

Nutritional support will be given during the sessions and through correspondence.

Progress Tracking and Accountability Coach

Complete progress tracking with a user friendly app and your own personal exercise and nutrition coach.

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