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6 great reasons why you should use Limitless Health and Fitness

Maintaining a healthy weight gain

During pregnancy the average weight gain should be 10-12kg, consuming around 300 extra calories per day. Although hormones and cravings will be going crazy for the first 16 weeks, this shouldnt be an excuse to overindulge and to make up for lost time with the boring diet you have been on for the last few years by saying Im eating for two.The Average weight loss during birth will be around 5-7kg, leaving you only a few extra kilos to lose before youre back to your best. Watching the scale inch its way up to numbers youve never seen before can be disheartening. Staying active helps you to feel better about yourself and improve your odds of gaining a healthy amount of weight.

Decrease the likelihood of post natal depression

Regular exercise can be an effective way to treat some forms of depression. Physical activity causes brain pleasure centres to be stimulated and leads to feelings of wellbeing. Exercise can also be an effective treatment for anxiety.Some research studies indicate that regular exercise may be as effective as other treatments like medication to relieve milder depression. Generally, exercise has a place in treatment as part of a comprehensive approach to the illness.

Get your body back faster

This alone is motivation enough for many women to embark on a pregnancy exercise regimen. When you have maintained your strength and muscle tone throughout your pregnancy, your body will have an easier time bouncing back after you give birth. You’ll also gain less surplus weight if you exercise during your pregnancy.Excess weight gain can lead to overstretched skin around the abdominal region, which can be irreversible. Therefore, even if you manage to lose the weight, you might be left with unsightly extra skin that can only be removed surgically, so make the investment before, and save yourself a larger investment in the future.

Strengthen pelvic floor and decrease the chance of incontinance

Incontinence is a serious problem for some women, which can be due to the lack of strength in the lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are an integral part of all Pre/Post natal programs in helping to strengthen this region.Nygarrd et al found that 4% of woman who lifted weight suffered incontinence, compared to 38% of runners. 1 in 3 women in Australia who have had a baby experience some form of continence problem. It may not happen immediately after birth but pregnancy and the birth of a child can have a weakening affect on the important pelvic floor muscles.

Prepare for childhood

It makes perfect sense: The better shape you’re in, the stronger you’ll be come labour and delivery time.Giving birth is akin to running a marathon, which requires stamina, determination, and focus.Research has also indicated that training for childbirth through exercise may ease labour and even shorten the time it takes to deliver your baby.

Decrease back pain

We all know that the body changes a great deal during pregnancy, but one of the less looked for changes are the postural and loading changes that can lead to lower back pain.Worldwide research has suggested that between 30-70% of pregnant woman are affected. With such a large majority it is important to strengthen your core muscles and stay mobile through the pelvic region. Despite these naturally occurring changes, undertaking physical activity and maintaining a good level of physical fitness and strength is likely to reduce the risk of developing back pain.Moving around, keeping active and doing the correct type of training will certainly help your core muscles to stay strong and this will reduce the chance of lower back pain problems.

Your physician is the best person to monitor your pregnancy, but he or she might not be the right person to ask about exercise. A physician’s poll published in the February 2010 Journal of Women’s Health showed that 99 percent of doctors believed exercise was good for pregnant women, but 60 percent of MDs were still prescribing outdated exercise guidelines to their patients, some of it as much as 15 years out of date!

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