Should the word Bootcamp be feared?

RossLucas Bootcamp

Traditionally when you hear bootcamp you think of military drill sergeants screaming orders and pushing people to the point of seeing their breakfast more times than you would care too on a normal day. Here at Limitless Health Fitness we are here to set the record straight and particularly give you an insight into our very own bootcamps.

Our bootcamps have evolved in time with the insurgence of new science backing up the most effective methods of weight loss and toning and the most up to date methods of keeping clients motivated to push themselves that extra step.

We combine a mixture of body weight exercises, intervals and use the newest equipment to decrease body fat percentages and increase overall strength. At Limitless bootcamp we include team challenges, theme days, innovative workout plans and the use of kettlebells, jump ropes, agility ladders, medicine balls, dumbells and more.

With all of this said, why would you choose a bootcamp over joining a gym, well just a few of the benefits of Limitless bootcamp are listed below:

•Varied Workouts If youre bored of the same old gym equipment, doing the same thing over and over at the gym, at Limitless bootcamp we vow to never repeat the same workout twice. With this variety not only does it keep you motivated rather than bored, but it also works more muscle groups than if you were to stick to one simple workout plan.

•Improve All Areas Of Fitness Being Fit is a term which changes from person to person and for some it is how far you can run, for others its how much you can lift, with Limiltess bootcamp you improve on all areas of fitness. By incorporating body weight and equipment resistance work with sprints and cardiovascular training all areas of fitness are being worked at the same time.
•Healthier Environment Potentially the most evident of all the benefits currently coming up to the summer months is in the environment in which Limitless bootcamps take place. Taking place along the coast of Sydney where the air is less polluted and away from the fumes of cars and buildings being pumped into the air conditioning of many CBD gyms.

•Team Morale Once again this benefit can change from bootcamp to bootcamp, but at Limitless bootcamp we encourage team work and include challenges which not only make you go the extra step, but also make working out fun.

•Cost Whilst 1:1 personal training can be argued as the most personal form of working out, it does come at a cost. With greater numbers in each session and overheads less than floor rent at a gym, generally bootcamps come at a smaller cost to the end user.

With the above said, Limitless bootcamp offers a cost effective, quick and fun way to lose those extra kilos and tone up ready for summer. Finally with beach locations and the sun rising around the time of Limitless bootcamps it begs the questions Why Wouldnt You?

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