Orla Fisk

Head of Compliance, Australia

I have been training with Calum now for nearly three years. When I first joined the gym I was still feeding my last baby so it was imperative that I partnered with someone who had the necessary skills, expertise and (most of all) the right attitude and approach to help me work successfully and safely towards my goals. I am delighted to say that during this time Calum has helped me loose over 20kg, but more importantly he has also given me the tools, motivation, enthusiasm and discipline (well most of the time) to keep that weight off!
I now look forward to each session and have a much improved attitude to my health and exercise capabilities. Even though it was a long(ish) road to my goal, my only wish is that I had begun to train with Calum before I had my first baby instead of after having my last.

Julie Vargeson

Customer Services Manager

I have trained with Calum for over 2 years now and am delighted with the results. Our training sessions are fun but hard work and my fitness has improved dramatically since I started training with him. I have never previously managed to maintain a gym regime but Calum has managed to motivate me and keep me interested. He also doesnt take offense when sworn at!

Louise Marre

Guildea Residential

I have been training with Calum Wilson now for the last 3 years and he has become an integral part of my fitness program. Over the years life has had its ups and downs with work and kids but the one consistent has been my hour a week training with Calum. He is aware of my strengths, my weaknesses and is fantastic support. Results speak for themselves and I am fitter now then I have ever been.

Ely Jensen


I trained with Calum Wilson 2 times per week throughout my second pregnancy. The exercise sessions comprised of a suitable combination of Cardio and weights training. It was an amazing experience to be fit and pregnant! Calum offered a wealth of advice on pregnancy, particularly relating to diet fitness which made the pregnancy a lot more enjoyable and the birth process easier. I also trained with Calum after birth and was able to return to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitness within a short time after giving birth, it was a lot easier to retract, particularly the stomach muscles, having trained consistently with a professional who is so knowledgeable in his field.

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